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I’ve been reading up on nothingness lately, and especially what’s to be considered one of the most fundamental topics in philosophy: why is there something rather than nothing?. I don’t know, there’s something about this question that piques my interest to an extent that, most of the times, could render my brain “malfunction” in seconds. Sometimes, I truly understand what’s going on, and sometimes I lose perspective as to where I was, according to a certain train of thought.

More often than you think, people mistake nothingness for nothing.
Nothingness is the state of being at nothing, or the state of nothing. The absence of something.
Nothing, is the negation of something.

It appears as though we’re trying to approach the question from a logical-standpoint, that itself seems to be problematic. As in, the problem is not with the question but with our way of thinking. Psychologically we have a problem towards negators, negations. And most paradoxes and redundantes arise from such negations. For instance, if I were to claim that this sentence is false. Let me clear the space a bit.

“This statement is false” - What could you infer from this?
Apparently, this statement is a paradox. It’s true, because it acknowledges the fact that it claims, it’s false. But, it’s false, how could it be true?

“Elephants are huge”, “Elephants can not jump” - which seems more likely/believable?
Which of these we can reason upon appropriately?
Common sense suggests both are of the same truth value. They are both true.

Why is there something rather than nothing?
A friend told me “Because, nothing is not enough” - It made me think for a while as to how to proceed from such standpoint of thought. What is enough? - Probably if there were nothing, we wouldn’t be having this conversation - It occurred to me, how can I account to how enough nothing is not enough, without having a prior knowledge of something? I simply could not. Thus, nothing is nothing, and I need to have an answer without being required to have a prior knowledge of something. I’m still reading the paper, I just wanted to update my tumblr with something other than pictures and videos.

Artwork: By me.

Everything exists for some reason, that without this reason that thing would simply perish. Or probably wouldn’t even bother to bring itself into being in the first place. That reason, why this thing is here, existing, exists for a reason which also exists for another reason. It’s an endless progression or degression of reasons, whichever way people would like to see it really.

You see, random-homosapien reading this. This universe is no voodoo or work of magic, it’s all art, philosophy and science. It’s just that, there’s nothing outside or inside that will help you understand it completely, in fact to even begin in the process of understanding it. All we are doing are just random speculations based on observations. But what if everything around us isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, what if our stages of thought, our ability to think and progress from one idea to another is not totally in coherence and or synced with the way the universe is. We just need to put the titles, the big titles, and leave everyone to interpret and perceive it in his/her own ways, and not to burden people’s heads with a certain philosophy or way of thinking about how the universe came to be, and why it’s here. It doesn’t matter why it’s here, it’s here because it’s here. And you are here too.

Whether you believe in God, or you don’t. Whether you believe in an omnipotent deity, a supernatural creature that resides outside of time and space who created this space from nothing, or you believe that this space created itself abundantly. It’s all going to end up the same way for both of us, our universe will soon implode, collapse back into itself, entropy will reverse and soon we’re going to dive into nothingness; the only thing that’s real and be at one with it. Just nothing, same as the old times.  


I’ve been in this state of mind, where I find myself severely disoriented from my surroundings. I can’t think clearly; I can’t attach two simple ideas together. It’s been like that for a while. I started reading again, small comics mostly. I started watching the BBC show, Sherlock, I get kicks out of it. It’s amazing. It was my first time today to have coffee since my finals. I don’t know why I stopped, nothing like health-precaution-wise or cutting back on coffee-act. I just simply forgot about it, how insincere? I know. I’ve also stopped sketching things inside my head or on the computer (graphic design). It makes me sad. It has been tough to find music that would go along with my state of mind, but just now while I was writing the first two lines, I remembered a dark-jazz project one of my best friends have recommended me, I seem to have forgotten about it just like the coffee. But, it’s surprisingly getting itself attached to my state of mind right now, at this very instant, perfect. I don’t know what else am I supposed to write down here. Maybe I’d leave you to listen to that Dark Jazz ensemble project.

enjoy the music. :) 


Reviving this moment is an infinite escape towards serinity
Infinity, I’ll write you back these words before I go crazy.
Lines to lay before me onto the ground,
Guided by them, I try to make sense of their routes.
At the end, all the lines arrive us back to you.
Back and forth in an upside drone.
Living like plastics at exact opposites of us.
We’re trapped in a mirror, reflecting in us 
through the form of reality, that is our imagination
Blindsided by the corners, that limits our vision.
and all in all and out of everything,
infinity you’ll always remain unchanged.